Couture Electric Muscle Stimulator

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Couture Electric Muscle Stimulator (EMS)


What's EMS Training! Generally, muscles act in response to signals from the brain.

EMS is a technology that uses electrical signals to stimulate and exercise the muscles directly.


1. Adopting EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation).

2. Exercise while reading, doing household chores, or even during business or leisure trips.

3. It is suitable for the abdomen, arms, waist, and legs.

4.With the remote controller, convenient for you to use.

5.With six modes and 20 intensity levels.

6. It is powered by a button battery (included).

7.Safe and high-quality abs gel sheet.

8.Wireless with USB Charging

9. Auto-off after twenty minutes 



Stimulates subcutaneous tissue to activate cells and collagen recombination makes muscles stronger and more vigorous.


20 minutes of use is equivalent to:

20 minutes of sit-ups

30 minutes of swimming

Almost a mile of running 


1. Electric muscle stimulation (EMS), helps you to achieve more physical training, even when you are not in the gym. It also can help you to repair muscles which are damaged after training.

2. One-piece design. Current contact is more efficient than separately.

3. Rechargeable, with high-quality battery (battery lasts 7 hours with a full charge)

4.Soft silicone material, comfortable wearing on the skin


1. The gel pads should be replaced after 30 uses.

 2. Not suitable for someone who has Medical Device Aids, like a heart pacemaker, etc.

 3. Epilepsy or seizures sufferers do not use it.

 4. Do not use it if you recently had a surgical procedure.

 5. Do not use when driving or operating the machine.

 6. Do not use while pregnant