TRIALS OF A NURSING STUDENT: Tips to Successfully Sail Through Nursing School and Beyond

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Tips to Successfully Sail Through Nursing School and Beyond

“Trials of a Nursing student” is a book that encapsulates the whole life of a nursing students and the challenges they face in nursing schools. It offers solutions and a way out to most of the difficulties an average nursing student would encounter as they journey through nursing school, so this book is for every student that desires to be a nurse or is already a nursing student. The experience you will be exposed to reading this book will give you solid confidence in dealing with pressures from every angle while in nursing school. This guide is intended to prepare and give you the tools necessary, the kind of found in textbooks, in achieving your goals and objectives without being a victim to nursing school hardship experiences.Are you a nursing student? If your answer is yes, then you are holding the right book! Are you aspiring to go to nursing school? Flipping through the pages alone would make you fearless of any impediment that may want to weigh you down or discourage you. Do you know of someone in a nursing program who is having a hard time? They would cherish you for getting them this book! This is a self-help book you can trust to be your chaperone through nursing school. The author of this book, Wynisha Alcorn BSN, RN, is a fully licensed and registered nurse who has a BSN and also working on her MSN in Nursing. She practically has an adequate amount of experiences in all levels of nursing. She is also a Certified Life Professional Coach (CPLC). She underwent a lot of “tribulations” in nursing school as a mother and as a nurse who gave her the motivating force to provide support to other students out there in nursing schools, clinicals, labs, and so on.


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