How to Start a Scrubs Business Quickly

How to Start a Scrubs Business Quickly

How to Start a Scrubs Business Quickly

            Scrubs are used by medical professionals, including physicians, nurses, physical therapists, and medical office staff. Because scrubs are needed at clinics and hospitals, there is always a need for medical professionals in any group. Therefore, a market for scrubs, those who sell them, will make excellent profits. Starting a scrubs company is possible online, rather than in a traditional retail environment. Decide what type of scrubs you want to sell; discount scrubs, scrubs with licensed characters or sports logos, wide and small scrubs, or custom scrubs made from designer fabrics.

            Determine if you are going to make the scrubs yourself or order them wholesale. If you're a skilled seamstress and can make them, handmade scrubs will save you money instead of buying them wholesale. Most scrub companies buy wholesale because they can't make enough scrubs to meet demand. Another option is to purchase wholesale scrubs, but also provide personalized, handmade scrubs for customers to order. 

            Choose a name for your company and get a DBA from your county's court office. Obtain an IRS EIN (employer identification number), and your state's resale permit or tax identification number if you are required to collect sales tax on the scrubs you sell in the state.

            Find a place for storing your scrubs collection. Rent a storage unit from a company like U-Haul or Public Storage if you don't have a suitable room in your house.

            Choose an e-commerce platform to sell your scrubs on such stores as Big Commerce, Square, or Shopify. If at least some of your scrubs are made by hand, you can sell them on a handmade marketplace, such as Etsy. Buy a domain name from a hosting site like Go Daddy or Dreamhost. That will cost you about $10 a month. Your domain registrar will guide how to connect your domain to your e-commerce site.

            If you prefer to buy wholesale scrubs from a retailer like Alibaba, you will be required to meet a minimum order number. Promote your scrub business by putting coupons and fliers (with permission) in hospital and clinic gift shops, ads in a local college and university newspapers (make sure they have a pre-medical or graduate medical program first). Launch a promotional blog or give a discount to customers who buy more than one set of scrubs at a time. Example: Buy two sets of scrubs get 10 percent off your entire purchase.

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